Guys, we’re going to arrive at the Mouille Point lighthouse at 12:00PM on Saturday, the 8th of January.

Holy cow, that’s NINE days away!

We’re almost home! All we still have to do is climb some mountains and figure out where we’re going in the next week because we don’t technically have our maps yet. But we’re pretty good and winging directions, lately.

But let’s talk about Mouille Point. We want to meet you!

It’s not a big party or anything. I mean, no music, or red tape, or stages, or cake dancers. Just Johnny, Alan and Donna arriving on unicycles and a teeny-weeny little Purple PeopleWagon behind them, s’all. But we’d love for you to be there.

We want to thank everybody for the support we’ve been shown, for the notes of encouragement, for the circulation. And we really appreciate everybody who’s followed us on Twitter, joined the Facebook group, left us a comment here and there – it keeps us going, and it gets the message out there: 2,000 pairs of shoes for 2,000 pairs of feet.

So, Saturday the 8th. Mouille Point Lighthouse. Come say hi! Come see Johnny’s ridiculous helmet, first-hand.

See you there!