About Our Tour

The Freedom Revolution Tour starts on November 27 and our intrepid trio will unicycle through the Umgeni River Valley from Durban to Pietermaritzburg where they will connect with the Freedom Challenge Trail. They will follow the dirt-track trail across the interior of South Africa to Paarl in the Western Cape before completing the final 100km to Cape Town.

The tour is scheduled to take 44 days, giving the riders just a few off-days to catch their breath and send a postcard home, before they collapse in an untidy heap at Mouille Point on January 8, 2011. You really don't want to miss this. And, if you bookmark this website right now, we'll ensure that you catch every drama, every fall, every bump on the head, every lump in the throat, every triumph, every crazy experience along the way… it will be like you are right there with us. And you will be.

‘Not only is it a journey across the country but it is a journey into the soul’
David Waddilove – Freedom Trail Founder & Organiser

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