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KeenCam Imports is a South African based company that discovered the GoPro Sports Camera Range back in 2008. We experimented with so many locally and internationally available products to assist our athletes in taking home their extreme moments, but nothing lasted!

The GoPro range was discovered and we hammered it! It refused to give up and we knew we had found our camera. Something as tough as our athletes, you better believe it!

The GoPro Wide was brought into the South African market with great success and before covering our first year in SA we launched the GoPro HD Hero Wide range (Motorsport, Helmet & Surf packages). This blew the market away completely. Here we had a small wireless camera filming at full HD 1080p, 960p and 720p 30fps and offering ultra slow-mo 60fps! What could be better, maybe the fact that it had a 5mp HD photo function on manual and automatic mode and all this was powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery supplied with each HD Camera! The new and improved housing meant that every camera in the range could now be submerged to 60m and it was no longer limited to 30m as in the STD def range before.

With the soon to be launched battery backpack and LCD monitor backpack, the GoPro HD will ensure that every clients’ needs are met! But we couldn’t leave it there, we had to go one further and manufacture another more affordable camera called the GoPro HD Hero 960. Retailing at R2 500 per camera, this little powerhouse has all the same features as its big brother, except the full 1080p, 60fps function and the backpack accommodating slot that will house the external battery pack and LCD monitor. This means that you can now do the same filming in 960p and 760p @ 30fps. The 5mp HD photo mode is still available and all this for a very affordable R2 500!

We are also proud to say that we have a fully functional South African warranty centre that can now offer clients the service they deserve, the days of waiting are over! We have always offered our clients an immediate exchange, no delay, service, but we can now solve every problem available in a matter of minutes! We pride ourselves on the 100% satisfaction rate we have to date and what more do you need when the GoPro range does all this work for you!

Please email us for a full range of cameras and accessories available immediately. We can build a package that suits your needs!

Contact us now! We have an agent in your area! If not, we deliver within 24hrs to most destinations within SA. 


GoPro Catalogue 2010

GoPro Order Form (PDF)

GoPro Order Form (Excel) 

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