CAPESTORM is sponsoring Team CounterBalance's cycling kit.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, CAPESTORM is a premium brand which designs and manufactures a wide range of specialized technical apparel. The brand is functional, fashionable, innovative and  of superior quality.

CAPESTORM was founded in 1996 to celebrate South Africa’s mountains, oceans and unique landscape. A handshake between two friends sharing a dream and an idea, symbolizes the commitment CAPESTORM is built on. The dreams and ideas may have changed and grown, but the values have remained.

This paradise at the tip of the African continent is an inspiration for the adventurous spirit.

It is this abundant enthusiasm for the African outdoors that has this Proudly South African company committed to creating dreams and employment opportunities. Not only is the local clothing sector supported by job creation and training, a programme to enhance environmental responsibility and quality assurance has also been embarked on.

CAPESTORM, deriving its name from the Portuguese navigators who braved the Cape of Storms in search of a route to the riches of the East, celebrates these determined sailors who triumphed adversity to live their adventure – now live yours with CAPESTORM.

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