Our Training

Our intrepid trio have been hard in training. First, they went to Eselfontein and managed a pathetic 16km over a period of four hours. Johnny calculated, without the use of a calculator, that to translate to four kilometres an hour. Sis! Our grannies walk faster than that.  

But they weren't fazed. They've been training in Tokai, on Tafelberg Road, around Silvermine and the dreaded Mast. They've got a lot quicker. They've got a lot fitter. They're looking a lot happier. Nice.

They are on to a bit of cross-training now. They're watching what they eat. Which means Johnny is watching a lot of popcorn. Alan is trying to put on weight but this seems to be a lost cause. Unless he morphs into an elephant overnight. which would be totally cool. An elephant riding a unicycle would guarantee the publicity we need to raise awareness of our cause. Which is helping Bob Skinstad and his Bobs For Good Foundation put shoes on the feet of shoeless children. Donna eats whatever is left. So no popcorn for her.

Oh, the cross training. I mean cross-training. Because they're not training to be cross. On the contrary, it makes our team happy. So happy that they roll around laughing when one of them falls off the security gate where they do pull-ups. It's like that. The deal is that, whenever one of them passes the security gate at home, they have to do as many pull-ups as possible. The security gate – called "Bellidoor" – is upstairs where Johnny has his room. Johnny is doing a lot of pull-ups, Al and Donna – who occupy the ground floor – not so many. 

They compensate for this by pushing themselves a bit more with the yoga exercises. Buffing up those core muscles which, as you all know, is all-important for unicycling strength and stamina. This regime is supplemented by sudden outbreaks of sakking for push-ups. This can happen anywhere anytime. Which often takes fellow diners at Barusso's Pizza place by surprise.

* If you're the kind who's into training stats and so on, hop over to the excellent Endomondo website and pick up all the info on the CounterBalance training rides.

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