Kirby Kruger

Happy to meet you! No, the guy on the left. How's it goin.

Kirby touched her first unicycle for the first time exactly one week ago as of writing this. It was pink.

Kirby has not had much to do with unicycling, well, at all, but she does enjoy writing and she does so frequently – unfortunately much of it is wasted and diluted into the dark abyss of Twitter. Sometimes she gets her ducks in a row and writes reviews for bands and shows, but people don’t ask her to do this very often because she makes the mistake of telling it, well, like it is (so-so).

She doesn’t just write, though! Kirby has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and can tell you all about herbivore population dynamics. She won’t, though, because it triggers war flashbacks. She can describe to you the most effective way of force-feeding a sick penguin, though. And tips on how to get the smell of penguin poo out of your clothes. (That tip is, buy new clothes.)

Kirby is also into the film thing! She edits things. Like student flicks. And the occasional wedding video. And she draws, but mostly as feverish compensation for forgetting to take photos of things she was supposed to. Her renditions are nowhere near photorealistic but she seems to have her editors fooled, so far.

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