Our Sponsors

Where would we be without the sponsors coming on board to help make our Freedom Revolution Tour a reality? Nowhere. Up a hill without any wheel at all.

So we'd like to thank these sponsors who have thrown their support behind us… and helped to make the trip a reality. We do need more sponsors to help us achieve our objective… so, please, if you can help in any way, do contact us! 


First Car Rental


Out Of Africa 



Kris Holm Unicycles









KeenCam Imports



Bos Ice Tea




OddWheel Unicycles




Our Supporters

These are the wonderful people that have supported us through means other than providing monies. Their support of gear, help, advice, and motivation is really appreciated.


Quantum Adventures offers team building activities and adventures with a capital A! Our experience and facilitation is based on our own extreme adventures and expeditions! It's our passion!


From the moment that the CounterBalance Trust came across a photo of John McInroy running down a main road in knee high red socks, a bright red speedo and an RSF peak cap, we liked the Redsockfriday vibe.  A lot!  We are stoked to be sharing our energy with a community of such impassioned, expressive and adventurous people!  We saw many similarities between the way RSF goes about helping others and how we use crazy unicycling stunts to for good.  Redsockfriday raises money for a number of beneficiaries through the sale of ShoOops! merchandise, corporate campaigning and donations.  They have their own social network website holding the community together.


Schlumpf Innovations, based in Switzerland, are the makers of the geared Unicycle Hub. The hubs have 2 gears with 1:1 and 1:1.5 ratios. These hubs are being more widely used within the unicycling community, with the touring community (36 inch unicycles) being the most prevalent users. Mountain Unicycle riders are however starting to see the benefit of using a geared hub in a smaller sized wheel.


Minuteman Press Cape Town is an established printer that has been supplying quality printed product in the Cape Town area for over 5 years from our Foreshore premises.  We offer a broad range of products and inhouse services.


You will find great deals on Cannondale, GT, Mongoose and Schwinn bicycles as well as Easton Wheels, Fox Forks and a select range of Bell and Giro Helmets. Take advantage of online pricing without losing the service and expertise of your local bicycle dealer.



Julian Wills from Novatek has built a very unique unicycle, called the Shunicycle. It's is currently travelling around with Team CounterBalance on their epic adventure.

Novatek are market leaders in the design and development of water-powered rockdrills within the South African hydropowered mining industry. The energy-saving benefits of hydropower are being used to improve energy-efficiency in the mining industry. Novatek also develops, manufactures and maintains drilling rigs for the SA mining market, which is becoming increasingly mechanized. The product range extends from simple drilling jigs for ‘appropriate mechanization’ to more sophisticated electro-hydraulic rigs for drilling in large ends, raises, gullies and in shaft sinking.


Andrew King from D4 Productions has been instrumental in planning and plotting the route Team CounterBalance are taking on their epic tour. The Team are very thankful for all his help.

D4 Productions is a Durban based TV production company that specialises in producing shows of outdoor, lifestyle and adventure sports events for Supersport. The company is driven by the commitment, enthusiasm and creative flair of Andrew King. After 15 years of competing in many outdoor adventure sports events across a variety of disciplines, Andrew has assembled a core group of young and talented athletes that are committed to capturing and producing shows for some of the countries most extreme adventure challenges.

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