Hello hello!

Guys, yesterday we went to Hell and back. Sorry – The Hell, and back. It’s in the Gamkaskloof part of our itinerary, and the history of this place, as we can patch together, is that it was the hiding place of five boer families who were on the run from the British. They arrived in what we now call The Hell, and stayed there for so long that when the little community was re-discovered, none of the original fleeing forefathers were left. Little place has a lot of “untold history”, as they say there. Hmmmm.

In any case, the Purple PeopleWagon is very, very thankful to be out of the valley of narrow roads, sheer drops, switchbacks, and banks of mist. The PeopleWagon HATES those.

Anyway we’re back and we’re awesome, and we’re so close to home. So close! And whoah, it’s Old Year’s Eve tonight… What are the odds we won’t shower until next year?

So, we know that our itinerary page is still a slight work-in-progress. The honest truth behind that is that we don’t, um, quite know how to get to our next stops yet. One day at a time, eh? But we’ll know soon. And when we know, you’ll know!

Also, you guys should totally come meet us when we arrive at Mouille Point on January 8, at noon. See if anybody cries and swears off unicycling forever, that sort of thing.

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You guys are awesome! See you there!