The Mountain! The MOUNTAIN!

Right there!




Guys, we can see Table Mountain! We are a day away!

We’re coming home! It’s finally happening!

Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy.

It’s been a tremendous journey. And it’s coming to an end.


Now, we have to come out and say that we had some ambitions of trying to get the public to ride the last 5km leg with us. We tried calling the traffic department and got passed on to all the relevant bureaucratic parties on the phone, but, no dice. No event support. So, we can’t give you an official route to follow with a traffic escort. That would be unethical and also sort of breaking the law. See, it’s not safe to have a big cozy mob with us without clearance.


But – and we’re just mentioning this – we’ll be cruising past the Greenpoint Soccer Stadium at around 11:45 AM on Saturday.

That’s 11:45AM: Greenpoint Stadium on Fritz Sonnenberg Road. And we’ll be steadily riding aaall the way down to Beach Road. So, it’s a simple, popular and pretty place for bike-riding. You know, on a warm, summer Saturday morning. And, if you happened to recognize this to be the case, and happened to be in the area, you’d see CounterBalance on their unicycles, too. And if you happened to be riding around the same route as those guys, towards Beach Road, and happened to take a break at Mouille Point Lighthouse, then, you know, that’d just be a thing, wouldn’t it?

So, just to clarify, this is how we’re wrapping up the tour:

(We're the little purple line. In case you wanted to know. 11:45AM. Just throwing it out there.)


Also, in case we need to re-hash:

CounterBalance will be arriving at Mouille Point Lighthouse at 12:00PM tomorrow – Saturday, January 8, where we’re expecting to meet Bos and their fabulous Bos iced tea stand – the “Bossewa” iced tea wagon will be meeting the riders and the PeopleWagon, and we’d love to meet all of you – Johnny and Alan also love posing for pictures and giving interviews. Johnny, especially.


Excited? Man, I don’t even need to tell you we are.

Come meet us! Come see the riders curse and swear off unicycling forever…



… until the Argus.



See you all tomorrow.