When Nicky McLoed and her team arrived on Friday, the community had organised a HUGE event, with big tent, tons of parents, the mayor of Matatiele, the department of education, the list goes on. There were lots of speeches, which Nicky said were wonderful to listen too.  The CounterBalance Trust , the Bobs for Good Foundation, the Freedom Challenge, the Mehloding Trust and ERS got lots of airtime!  The school chior had produced a special song about the Freedom Challenge, which made Nicky all teary, very moving stuff and blanketed with huge appreciation!  

This photo sums is up perfectly!

Tembie, Tsepo and the gang spent hours getting the 200 shoes onto the right kids feet with the help of the teachers.

You'll notice that this isn't just any box.  The BFGF have chosen to do a double whammy – whilst giving a pair of shoes the box acts as a toy supplying hours of fun and education in road safety. The Bobs for Good Safety Shoes box is covered with a road design, a road safety flyer, and a little toy car. Once the children have laid the box out flat, they can drive their car on the box’s roads and, along with the road safety flyer included in the boxes, they learn the rules of the road in their home language.

Nicky would like to say thanks for this wonderful blessing – it's such a privilege to be involved.