The Freedom Revolution Unicycle Tour had some amazing, generous sponsors on board who felt that we were worthy enough to be entrusted with the responsibility of being ambassadors for their brands. Well, we’ve decided to share with all our experiences of the the tour, and that would certainly not be complete without telling you about our kick-ass toys, gear, apparel and accessories. So you can expect a few posts where we tell, warts and all, about the stuff that made this tour not just possible, but also safe and comfortable. These reviews will be published as timeously as a natural disaster – they WILL come, your guess is as good as mine as to when exactly the next one will be!

But to prove that our intentions are good, let’s start of with toys from Brad “Rad” Jackson of These are video reviews that are done on our GoPro HD wearable camera (Thank You Keencam Imports!), so you don’t even have to read them! Just follow the links to have your day brightened and perhaps see things in a new light after an enlightening review on the MJ808e, Podio Luminadio and Niuge (okay, too many predictable puns in one sentence).

So, The CounterBalance Trust presents to you a selection of video reviews of (cue fanfare), Dan dad a raaaaa… Magiclight bicycle lighting and audio solutions! Just mossie along too our YouTube Channel to learn a little more. If you are as sold as we are on these stupidly cool things, clickty click yourself onto If you are based in the Cape and want to check these out for yourself, send us a mail on We are more than happy to show off and sing “I’ve got something you don’t have, na na na na naaa na….