We at CounterBalance have a tremendous lot of people to thank for making The Freedom Revolution Unicycle Challenge. The planning and execution rode soley on the people involved. Not that we rode on people, but you get what I'm saying, right? We tried our best to include everybody in this list, we did. If we've left you out, we're sorry, so let's agree on this: if you've been following our blog or Twitter account, or have made donations, or have mentioned us to your friends… Put yourself on this list.


Our Inspiration

David Waddilove (The Freedom Challenge), who deserves, at the minimum, an entire blogpost of idol-worship: For logistical support, advice, guidance, encouragement and motivation. David, we thank you and all the efforts of you and the Freedom Challenge Team for creating and maintaining such a powerful trail.

Meryl Glaser (The Freedom Challenge) who ensured that we had a bed to sleep in, a meal to eat, whether it be vegetarian or not.  Constantly awesome!


Our Cause

Ron Rutland (The Bobs for Good Foundation) for running the last 20km’s of the journey with us.

Ben Lewis (The Bobs for Good Foundation) for compiling an impressive document which we could send out with proposals. Nice one!

Claire Alexander, Byron Rode, Loren and Robyn McCormick (The Bobs for Good Foundation) for general support.



Theunis Van Wyk (First Car Rental) your sponsorship was vital to the success of our trip.  We can’t express our gratitude enough for your generous donation, the Purple PeopleWagon.

Lance Samuels (Out of Africa) for being a true mench.  You wanted to be involved in a unicycle trip of this proportion before this trip was even conceived in Johnny’s brain. 

Kris Holm (Kris Holm Unicycles) The king of uni without a doubt!  Thanks for all the research and development you’ve put into our sport.  You’ve made journey’s like this possible.

Alan Read (OddWheel Unicycles) for purchasing the geared hubs that could make this epic tale realistic, amongst other bits and bobs. 

Marlene Marais (Capestorm) you gave us awesome technical cycling gear (and relaxing gear!).  You’ve given Team CounterBalance support, punting the tour so diligently to the Capestorm supporters.  You were at the Lighthouse to shake our hands and introduce yourself.

Brad “Rad” Jackson (MagicLight) for keeping us out the dark with stupidly bright lights, and keeping us entertained with music from the powerful little Podio Luminaudio mp3 player/speaker.

Jan and Cindy Muller (Gold Restaurant) for donating half of their proceeds from a busy Saturday night in the Restaurant to the CounterBalance Trust.

Nicolas Tucker (Adventure Inc.) for keeping us and our gear warm, dry and happy with Sea to Summit waterproof stuffsacks, travel sheets, towels and Buff multipurpose headgear.

Andre Reynard (UPS Technologies) for the kind loan of the power inverter solution kit, and at such short notice too.  A valuable service was done to the tour.

Jacques Van Jaarsveld (KeenCam Imports) you gave us the smallest camera to capture our journey with.  Without asking for anything in return, you truly were inspired by what we were doing.  You’ve been patient in waiting for footage from the GoPro, Kirby is editing 44 days worth of raw footage.  We hope that it expresses the value of your sponsorship.

Marie Van Niekerk, Richard Bowsher and Grant (BOS Ice Tea) for quenching our thirst in the driest parts of the country and being the only small business that donated actual shoes.  You guys rock!

Gerhard Greef (ConcenTrace) Thank you for the kind donation, 'no questions asked'. There is no doubt that this product kept me safe from dehydration through its combination with the water taken in per day. I am a firm believer in ConcenTrace.



Alan Hodson (Omnico / OBike) Thank for the discounted gear, our heads, eyes and hands were protected.  Johnny made full use of the tubes.

Andrew King (D4 Productions) Designing the route for day 1 & 2.  Shot for doing that!  Not sure what route we would’ve taken otherwise.

Andrew Whitehouse (FoxP2) for designing the CounterBalance logo.  Your amazingly good at what you do!

Brice Regnier for sorting out the graphics of our team t-shirt.

Di and Steve (Day Trippers) for cycling into Mouille Point with us and celebrating the end of the tour.  Steve was our guide through town.

David and Dylan Eave for escorting the odd collection of riders and runner to Mouille Point.

Florian Schlumpf (Schlumpf Innovations) What an incredible piece of machinery, the geared hub.  The riding days were faster because of a gearing up option, our bottoms are happy for that.

Geoff Brink (Geoff Brink Photography) for giving us advice from your DBN to CT Unicycle Tour.  You took us under your wing in the days that built up to our departure.  We are deeply grateful, Master.

Howard Donaldson (aka Fred Hatman) for initiating the vibe of the blog, and for his constant contribution to the blog and story of CounterBalance from his beautiful home-village of Stanford.

Julian Wills (Novatek) you are a brillant man who made us the iconic shunicycle, a unicycle where the tyre is made up of the actual shoes donated through the Bobs for Good Foundation.

Kobus Marais (Minuteman Press) we are very thankful for the printing discount.  The maps and narratives were essential, like toilet paper.  Kirby’s thinking of making a wallpaper collage.

Lisa Speville (FEATSA) for inviting Team CounterBalance to talk at this year’s FEATSA held in Cape Town on 12 Feburary 2011.  Book at Computicket.

Nadene Moolman for graphic support in the early days.

Steve Burnett for advice, encouragement, route planning and actually spending a day guiding us on a singlespeed bike through uncharted territory.

Shawn and Jonathan Benjamin (Ark Images) for accompanying the Team on the 2nd last day by cycling 95km with us, and snapping some amazing photos (see them on his website).

Ugene Nel (Quantum Adventures) for helping us with preparation for the tour, gear accrual, and promoting it with such fervour at his events. Generally just being a lekker oke!

Viv Quann (Hot Salsa Media) for being amazing and giving the best PR advice possible. 


Social Networking

Dirk Lottering (Deunne Hof) for taking some pics on the Swartberg pass and posting them on his blog,

John “Macky” McInroy and Jamie Falconer (Red Sock Friday) for both sending us off and seeing us in, and for going out of their way to be involved with and spread the word about the tour.

Marcel Sigg (RunRideDive) for punting the tour and snapping photos at the finish.



Chai FM

DJ Fresh (5FM)

Evan Haussmann(Getaway Magazine)

John Rayner (People’s Post)

Mila Hanke (German jounalist)

Mike Jansen (Blitzbokke)


Seth Rotherham, Simon Hartley, Rich Hardiman and Liam Kruger (2oceansvibe)

Wendyl Martin & Photographer (Weekend Argus)




Brent Boswell (AmaOneTya), for being the CounterBalance web guru/slave, and for unicycling in to Mouille Point with the Team.

Ethan Roberts (AmaOneTya) for riding to Mouille Point with us.

Justin Shaw (AmaOneTya) for arranging an awesome welcome home!  Going out of your way to please us.



Bev Read (Alan’s Mother) for the financial support you extended to the team.  We managed to fill the tank and buy Alan all those Stoney Ginger Beers that his still addicted too.

Neil Cronje (Johnny’s Father) for all the support you’ve given to this journey.

Tessa Cronje (Johnny’s Mother) for making delicious padkos and food and food and food…


People on the Trail

Dallas (Indigo Skate Park), a true Zulu experience.

Vera and Vossie (Minerva Nature Reserve), which we only half-stayed at!

Dana and Ian Waddilove (Allendale) for providing us with all the necessary comforts after 2 hard days.

Bev Everett and her super ladies (Centocow).

The Buttons (Ntsikeni Nature Reserve) were it not for them, we’d still be stuck in the mud, or lost, or both.

Ian (St. Bernard’s Peak), we felt like we were on holiday on a period movie set.

The awesome people (Masakala and Malekholonyane), which were breathtaking places to stay at in the Drakensberg.

Mrs. Kibi and Mrs. Kibi senior (Tinana), who opened up their hearts and literal home for us!

Mrs. Lebenye (Vuvu), who let us sleep over in a school on borrowed mattresses, to the best of the communities means. We were humbled.

Annette and Pieter (Rhodes) and to the chief, Adri – we know you warmed up to us eventually, and Kirby is sorry for not eating meat or eggs!

Christo and Minki (Chesney Wold) Overwhelming hospitality, massive dinner spread, and we loved the animals!

Andre and Joyce (Slaapkranz), you made us feel so loved! And Joyce’s pudding was delicious!

Danie and Regina (Moordenaarspoort) Friendly people, very hospitable, and Regina’s first-ever attempt at vegetarian cooking was amazing!

Jenny (Jenny’s Cottage) Beautiful place, wonderful food!

Wil and Stephanie (Romansfontein).

The people of Karoobos Guesthouse (Hofmeyr).

Amanda and Francois (Stuttgardt) I don’t think we laughed harder at any other point of the trip! Amazing family!

Chris (Doornbos).

Mr and Mrs. Jacobs (Onverwacht Game Reserve). You were amazing people to meet and we wish we could’ve spent more time talking to you!

Merlie and Bertie (Vandeventerskraal) and for the informative, instructional notes left everywhere in your huge guesthouse!

Lise and Philip (Toekomst).

Brian and Sheryl (Kleinpoort).

Petrus (Cambria) when we eventually got there!

Hestelle and Rune (Studis Damse Drif) Johnny enjoyed staying in Johnnie se Huis!

Henriette (Maagedaat Grot), who set us up in an actual cave for Christmas!

Elanne (Willomore) Beautiful place!

Bachelor Krisjan (Rondawel) Great breakfast!

Lindsay and Ria (Prince Albert) What a wonderful way to spend a rest day! Beautiful guesthouse and people!

Pieter and Marienette (Gamkaskloof).

Gerhard and Ronel (Rouxpos) Thanks for letting us turn your living room into our geo-mapping station for a day!

Meisie and Johan (Anyseberg).

Dannie (Zout Rivier) Your advised route got us through to you with ease. Thanks for the detail.

Matroosberg (DiDi and Waldo) Amazing home cooked meals, enjoyed in the comfort of your kitchen!

Goedgenoeg – A welcome surprise to swim in a crystal clear spring fed dam on a blistering day.

Blaawberg – The lap of luxury before the last stretch home.

The people of Molteno – For some reason all of us got free stuff from this odd little town. You rock!


Our Donators

BOS Ice Tea

Cape Town, SA

Marnitz Nienaber & La-Hoff Laerskool

Klerksdorp, SA

Robyn Lawrence

Cape Town, SA

Family in Die Hell


Shaun Devenish

Johannesburg, SA

Paul Blake

Cape Town, SA

James Millar



Cape Town, SA

Claire & Alyssa


Gold Restaurant

Cape Town, SA

Errol (The Biltong Guy from Porters Market)

Cape Town, SA

Johanna Gartoner


Lala Kruger

Dubai, UAE

Out of Africa Entertainment

Johannesburg, SA

Send Off Party

Cape Town, SA

Alan Golding (Gold Restaurant)


P. Faff (Gold Restaurant)


Livia Groves (Gold Restaurant)


B. McIntosh (Gold Restaurant)


Stephen Cason

Bloemfontein, SA

Sandra Brorson (Smoking Club)

Cape Town, SA

The Kisogloo Family

Johannesburg, SA

Vanessa & Cordell Brewer

Johannesburg, SA

Egg Films



Swellendam, SA

Errol Cason

Bloemfontein, SA

Adam Bloom (Give & Gain)

California, USA

Jonathan Cronje (Give & Gain)

Cape Town, SA

Bev Read

Welkom, SA

The Cronje Family

Cape Town, SA

 'Andante' Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Wereldsgeluk Olywe

Porterville, Western Cape, SA

Paco Rugs

Johannesburg, SA

Lynette Groenewald


Jonathan Benjamin

Cape Town, SA

Wendy Brorson

Cape Town, SA

Kevin Dewar

Cape Town, SA

Checkpoint Loans (PayPal)


James Marshal (PayPal)

Pittsburg, USA

Anthony Berzack

Cape Town, SA

Justin Shaw (PayPal)

Cape Town, SA

Jonathan Cronje (PayPal)

Cape Town, SA

Out of Africa Entertainment

Johannesburg, SA

Evolution of Balance Award 2010

British Columbia, Canada

Wow. Have we got everyone? For safetly, we're including our 532 Facebook fans and 120 followers on Twitter. Like we said, if your name's not on here and it ought to be, drop us a note, okay?


You have all been amazing.


Thank you.