Hi everyone!


So do you guys know about FEAT?

Johnny says:

"FEAT SA (Featured Expedition and Adventure Talks, South Africa )is coming to Cape Town this month, and Team CounterBalance has been invited to speak! What's the big deal, and why should you care? I'll tell you. FEAT SA is a night of time-limited, adventure orientated, slideshow based, unique presentations by South African adventurers. 10 speakers have been INVITED to this years talks, held at Artscape theatre on 12 February. This is an incredible honour to be invited. Perhaps you have heard of some of the guys and gals who spoke last year in Joburg:

  • Alex Harris – 1st South African to walk unsupported to the South Pole, and one of the few to have climbed the highest mountains on every continent.
  • Mandy Ramsden – The second South African woman to summit Everest, and the first African-born woman to climb all seven of the World’s heighest mountains on each continent.
  • Peter van Kets – Won the 5,438km unsupported Atlantic Rowing Race 2007/8 (pairs) with friend Bill Godfrey, and came second in the SOLO event in 2010.
  • Ray Chaplin – Professional adventurer, of reecnt fame for walking across South Africa.

This, dear readers, is very humbling company to join in with."


So, our very own Johnny Cronje will be speaking on behalf of Team CounterBalance. His talk is entitled "Good Advice and Other Fallacies". The idea of FEAT is NOT to tell people about your adventure (most of you who've read the blog will already have a pretty good idea about what went down over the festive season), but rather to share an aspect of it that the speaker feels is unique, gives specific insight, or is not well understood. Johnny wants to talk about how the Team welcomed tons of advice from experienced adventurers, and how that translated into reality!


Check out the FEAT website for more details. It's a big deal!